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Resort wear that is both dressed up and dressed down at once from Anshita Asnani

Being a complete water baby, Anshita Asnani enjoyed herself thoroughly as an absolute beach bum at the Canary Islands at one time to being a beach party animal at the Caribbean’s to swimming with piranhas in the Amazon! Some where it suddenly hit her that India completely lacked a line dedicated to Beach & Resort wear. This time she returned not only with a sun-kissed skin but also with the determination to make available in India the finest possible line of beach and resort wear. Anshita who has always been fine tuned into the zeitgeist realized that an embellished line would be a real welcome. And thus was born the first Indian designer beach & resort wear line aQuarelle. A line that met the requirements of globe trotting women, the all-girl group on holidays or the girl on her honeymoon.

Anshita Asnani popularly recognized as the Bikini Queen for being the first Indian Bikini Designer, is also a CA and an enthusiastic worker on development issues, something few would know. She combines them all with such ease and panache. Anshita has always been the creative sort, having done courses in furniture designing, photography and pottery.

Her continuous exposure to different forms of art, tours to museums around the world and her constant touch with nature gave further impetus to her creative side. Her design sensibilities have nurtured over the years as she traveled to different parts of world brushing against different cultures, customs, landscapes….




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